The Robust walls fit together as a single diaphragm structure without any joints and seams that can cause structural interference such as cracks.

Single Diaphragm Structure

Monolithic means "one solid piece":

A single diaphragm structure that is continuous in form without any interruptions.

The walls of the "Robust Building System" are reinforced all around the structure, tied to both walling faces.

This creates a ring beam without any interruptions or joints.

Therefore, the "Robust Building System" is a structurally sound, monolithical structure.

Eliminates need for structural beams

Monolithical structures such as the "Robust Building System" are difficult to break through.

Structures like these are highly unlikely to have structural deformities such as structural cracks.

In buildings, monolithic walls directly eliminate the need for structural beams and lintels above window and door openings.